H.H Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Award for Young Business Leaders

This year's World Entrepreneurship Forum in Dubai will be host to many great people, thinkers, businesses, and ideas. To complement this platform of innovation and creative thinking, we have chosen to host the annual Sheikh Mohammed Award for Young Business Leaders on the second day of the World Entrepreneurship Forum.

As part of Dubai SME's role to promote entrepreneurship and celebrate good practices and success stories, the establishment launched the Sheikh Mohammed Award for Young Business Leaders in 2003 with the following objectives: Celebrating top performing entrepreneurs and startups in the UAE and the Arab World Creating greater awareness of the importance of entrepreneurship Encouraging entrepreneurs to be role models and share their stories and best practices. Marketing the capabilities of the UAE's SMEs to regional and global investors. Creating a culture of transparency, corporate governance and best practice sharing. For more information please visit:

Today, the Sheikh Mohammed Award for Young Business Leaders is a prominent award in its class, honouring some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the region.


Welcome to the World Entrepreneurship Forum UAE Chapter 2013